Officiating roles
  • Competition Organiser - the starting point for people who want to run local tennis competition
  • Court Supervisor - an off court Official who supports the Referee with the running of larger tournaments
  • Referee - person responsible for supervising all players at a competition to ensure they follow the rules of tennis
  • Umpire - there are two types of Umpires, line umpires and chair umpires

To find out more about these roles and how to progress through the Officiating Pathway, visit the LTA website.

More useful links

Competition Organiser resources - Tennis Tournament Planner, League Planner, Results Manager, Organiser and Official Resources, Competition Rules and Regulations, World Tennis Number.

Officials Licence Scheme

Find an Officiating Course


Dorset Officials

Peter Grimsdale
David Walrond
Diane Shields
Steve Crane
Sally Revell
Keiran Staniford
Mike Rice
Zoltan Horvath
Chris Penny
Simon Kevern
Les Shields
Sarah Wood
Simon Chappell


Volunteers are always needed at events during the year.  Volunteering at a tournament can be a great way to see if officiating if something you would like to pursue.  If this is something that interests you, please e-mail