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venues and volunteers



Grants of £100 are available for venues to help towards the costs of running an Open Day.

All you have to do is let us know when your Open Day is, send us a copy of your flyer and after the event, let us know how many people attended.

E-mail with all the details.


Q&A - Flood Your Club With Volunteers

26th February - 2 pm & 7 pm

How a community club in Wiltshire went from having 2 volunteers to winning County Club of the Year and developed a culture where 'Everyone Volunteers'.

Led by Kay Gilbert of the Tennis Parents Community.

Register 2 pm                    Register 7 pm

Q&A with Olly Scadgell, LTA Participation Director

6th March - 7 pm

Join the TVC for a Q&A session where Olly Scadgell (LTA Participation Director) will introduce and discuss the LTA strategic plan 2024-26. How will the plan support and impact Clubs?

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Coffee Session

Tuesday 12th March at 2 pm and 7 pm

Join the TVC for an informal “Virtual” Coffee Session to discuss Membership and Renewals. How have you made the process easier, do your rates need to change, and have you adjusted your club offer to members?

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LTA Contact Us Form

The LTA has a very comprehensive FAQ section on their website, however, if you need to contact the LTA directly, you can do this via their 'Submit an Enquiry' form.


'Submit an Enquiry' form

Clubspark Support

Visit the Clubspark support website for tutorials and further information. Click here.

venues and volunteers

We aim to support venues with support and guidance to help them manage and grow their venues.


We have a Grants Scheme where venues can apply for funding up to a maximum of £3000.  More information can be found on the Grant Funding page, here.

The LTA have a Quick Access Loan Scheme and have advice on how to source external funding.

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useful links

There is a huge amount of useful information on the LTA website to support venues, below are some useful links.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please get in touch with us.

LTA Venue Registration

Venue Registration is the LTA’s membership scheme for tennis and padel venues. It provides a range of tailored and affordable support packages that include excellent benefits.
Find out more here

LTA Safeguarding

Venues are required to meet a number of safeguarding standards to be able to be an LTA registered venue.
Find out more here



A series of LTA support webinars to help you manage, develop and grow your tennis venue and get more people playing tennis e.g. national marketing campaigns, finance and funding,  facility development, membership growth and retention, club marketing, club utiisation and programming, club governance, Padel development.
Find out more here

LTA's Online Booking System

LTAs nationwide booking tool which provides an easy way to find, book access and pay for tennis courts and group coaching sessions.
Find out more here

Resource Library

A library of club resources, templates and best practice to help you find what you need to run your tennis club effectively.
Find out more here

Parks Support

Tools and documents to help Local Authorities and Parks Operators to understand the opportunity within their parks stock.
Find out more here

LTA Buying Group

The LTA Buying Group is a service which supports LTA Registered Venues to significantly reduce their running costs and to help clubs to access the best value services from a broad range of approved suppliers. The LTA Buying Group is completely free and is another excellent benefit of LTA Venue Registration.

The LTA are working in partnership with GMG, specialists in establishing buying-groups within the sports sector, to harness the collective purchasing power of the 2,750 LTA Registered Venues to leverage significant discounts across a wide range of goods and services that are used by tennis clubs. The LTAs aim with GMG is to help clubs access high quality services at a reduced price, assisting the financial sustainability of tennis clubs across Britain.

Find out more here

facebook groups

Tennis Volunteer Community Group

The Tennis Volunteer Community is a gated Facebook group that was set up in 2021 by independent tennis volunteers with support of the LTA. Its aim is to provide an informal, transparent and helpful online space where volunteers from all over the country can connect, start conversations, exchange ideas and find answers.


Accessible to bona fide tennis volunteers, the community was established to provide a dedicated 24/7, self-serve hub. Diverse clubs, venues and volunteer teams are represented, sparking discussions on a variety of topics from floodlights to fundraising, to membership to maintenance. As member Alan Doherty says, “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

Group content is not publicly viewable, and administrators ensure that only genuine volunteers participate. Numbers have increased weekly and currently stand at over 900. As more volunteers come on board, more inspiration flows!

How the Tennis Volunteer Community works
Anyone who volunteers within a tennis venue (including clubs, parks, universities and schools) is welcome to join this invaluable and inclusive community group to:

  • share experiences, knowledge and best practice for yourself and your venue
  • ask (and answer) questions without judgement
  • get inspiration, air ideas and gather views
  • gain a broader perspective, looking beyond ‘local’
  • find solutions and hacks including funding and budgeting
  • build a nationwide network
  • create a solid ‘business case’ to take back to a committee or stakeholders
  • get up to speed on emerging trends and technology
  • tackle tennis and facility challenges without feeling alone
  • make more informed decisions
  • access live online events, such as webinars, with other volunteers.

Everything and anything relating to tennis and the running of a tennis venue are up for discussion. There’s no requirement to be an active participant; you can observe and benefit passively if you prefer. Navigation is quick and easy using the search function and shortlist of recent topics. Any commercial recommendations are vetted by the team of volunteer champions.

The group holds “live” online events where members debate specific topics of interest. These have included:

  • Bringing the LTA and clubs closer together.
  • How to recruit more volunteers at venues.
  • Clubs and coaches working in partnership.

To be part of the Tennis Volunteer Community, volunteers should connect to:

Tennis Floodlight Community

To focus on LED lighting and energy saving, a sub group has been set up : 

If you encounter any problems joining the Groups or are interested but do not have access to Facebook, please email for support.