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There are competitions going on across the country for all ages and abilities.
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Below are links to various LTA competition guides.  Please note that these calendars were correct at the time of publication, but may be subject to change:

Winter County Tour - September 2023 to April 2024

These Guides contain all Grade 4 & Grade 5 one day competitions for age groups 8U to Open.

2024 Winter Competition Guide - South & South West
2024 Winter Competition Guide - London & South East
2024 Winter Competition Guide - Central & East
2024 Winter Competition Guide - Midlands
2024 Winter Competition Guide - North

Winter Regional Tour - September 2023 to March 2024

A series of Grade 3 tournaments taking place at some of the best regional venues across the country throughout the year.

Junior National Tour

A combination of Grade 1 and Grade 2 tournaments – the highest levels for players in Britain – with competitions for all age groups from 9U to 18U. 

Event calendars here

ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors

The ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors gives players under the age of 18 a chance to put their skills to the test against the best talent from across the world. 

Calendars here

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Find out more about competition age groups and find your competition age group here.


Produced by the LTA, 'Ready, Play' is an introductory guide to competition for parents and carers who are new to competition.

Content has been developed to support everyone to create a positive environment at competitions.

The guide covers :

  • Things to consider before your child starts competing
  • What to expect at tennis competitions and how to positively support your child
  • What happens after your child has played a competition

'Ready, Play' Guide

The course is the first stage of the LTA's Parent Support programme, developed with Sport and Exercise Psychology experts from Nottingham Trent University, Oxford Brookes University and Loughborough University.

Find out more about the LTA's Parent Support programme here



The LTA has three main focuses for helping under 18s starting out in competition to make the most out of competing in junior tennis :

Team challenge - a great way to introduce kids to tennis competitions at their local clubs; fun, friendly, and no serious scoring with the benefits of team socialising.

Matchplayoften a child’s first experience of individual competitive tennis. In two- or three-hour sessions they compete in both singles and doubles matches against players of a similar ability.

Local Tour - the quick-scoring junior tennis tournament.  These competitions give players their first opportunity to earn real Recent Form or LTA Ranking points.


'Tour' events (County, Regional and National) are organised for juniors who have competition experience.

Junior County Tour

Junior County Tour events are Grade 4 and 5 competitions meaning they’re suitable for players competing at a local, county or regional level.

Junior Regional Tour

The Junior Regional Tour is a series of Grade 3 tournaments taking place at some of the best regional venues across the country throughout the year. 

Junior National Tour

The Junior National Tour is a series of tournaments throughout the year that give the best young players in the country the chance to play and compete against each other.  The national tour will be a combination of Grade 1 and Grade 2 tournaments with competitions for all age groups from 9U to 18U. 

Junior International Tennis Competitions

This year, the LTA are hosting 33 junior international tennis competition events in Great Britain to help more young players than ever before compete against the best talents in the world.  These tournaments are all either part of the ITF World Tennis Tour Junior circuit or the Tennis Europe Junior Tour.  

The ITF World Tennis Tour Junior covers all the LTAs events for players in the 18U category, whereas the Tennis Europe Junior Tour competitions cater for players in the 16U, 14U and 12U age groups.  

Find out more here

Performance Competitions

The LTA have introduced a Tennis Performance Competitions Calendar which provides significantly enhanced opportunities for British players at each age and stage of the performance player pathway.

Find out more about the Tennis Performance Competitions Calendar here.


Local adult tennis tournaments are held at venues across Dorset.

LTA Local Tennis Leagues

These Leagues offer friendly local singles competitions for tennis players aged over 18.
There are 5 Local Tennis Leagues in Dorset.  See our 'Find a League' page here for all local leagues.
Visit the LTA website for more info on Local Tennis Leagues, here.

GB Pro Series

The GB Pro-Series features many of the world's best up and coming players who are looking to progress to compete on the main ATP and WTA Tours.  More information including Events Calendar here.


Seniors Tennis caters for age groups in 5 year stages from 35 to 85 for men and 35 to 80 for women.
Find out more about individual and team competitions here.


Disability competitions, Wheelchair, Visually Impaired, Learning Disability and Deaf Tennis, are run across Great Britain all year round.  Competition Calendars and more information here.

GB Disability Teams

The LTA support programmes for Learning Disability, Deaf and Visually Impaired Tennis giving more players the chance to represent their country on the international stage.

Find out more here.

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The ITF World Tennis Number is a new rating system for all tennis players across the world which will make it easier for everyone who plays tennis in Britain to organise and play against opponents of a similar standard.

Find out more and how to get your World Tennis Number here.

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Click on link below and select 'Dorset'

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Parents play a key role in sport and kids need their support and encouragement.

The LTA work closely with sports psychology experts from Loughborough University and the University of Roehampton to offer help – what is called the Parent Support Programme.

The Parent Support Programme is made up of three parts:

  • Stage One: Start Competing Guide
  • Stage Two: Competition Parenting Workshops
  • Stage Three: Mental and Emotional Skills Guide

Find out more about the Parent Support Programme here.

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