We strive to ensure that all children, young people and adults at risk are safeguarded from abuse and have an enjoyable tennis experience.

Everyone involved in tennis has a shared responsibility to support this by promoting the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk.

Dorset LTA adheres to the LTA's Safeguarding policies and procedures which can be found on the Safeguarding page of the LTA website. Information on how to report a concern, FAQ's and Resources can also be found on this page.

Dorset Tennis' County Safeguarding Officer

Dorset Tennis' County Safeguarding Officer is Emma Plimmer who is available for advice and guidance.

Emma can be contacted by phone on 07493 844260 or e-mail,

Vicki Gregg, the LTA South West Regional Safeguarding Officer can also be contacted by e-mail,

HOWEVER, if you have a concern or need to report anything, you can :

  • complete a 'Register a Concern' form via the LTA website
  • email the LTA Safeguarding Team at

Outside of office hours, please call the NSPCC on 0808 800 5000.

Or, if someone is in immediate danger, call the police (999).

Please remember at all times, that doing nothing is NOT an option: report all concerns and disclosures as soon as possible.

Safeguarding for Parents and Coaches

For more information on safeguarding for parents and coaches, please click on the links below :

More information on Safeguarding can be found on the LTA website.

Dorset LTA Policies - also available in the County Office

Clean Sport

Clean Sport is a sport without doping. We all have a responsibility within tennis to protect our sport from doping. The LTA Anti-Doping Programme includes a combination of education and deterrence activities aimed at supporting clean players and their support personnel and to deter and catch those who cheat.

The LTA Anti-Doping programme 

The LTA/Dorset LTA is committed to promoting and protecting clean tennis and recognise the contribution that sport can make to health, national pride and social development when supported by a strong ethical and moral environment.  

More information on Anti-Doping Rules, Governance, Players' rights and responsibilities, Medications advice etc can be found on the LTA website here.


The LTA is committed to ensuring that all children and adults at risk enjoy tennis in a safe and enjoyable environment. People seeking to work with children or adults at risk within tennis are therefore required to obtain a satisfactory criminal record check. In England and Wales, individuals must obtain DBS check.  More information can be found on the LTA website.

A DBS lasts 3 years from date certificate issued.

To apply for a DBS, you will need the following :

  • Your LTA number.
  • Your venue's Organisation Pin and Secret Word. List here - you will need this when you come to register on the Online Disclosure platform.
  • Are you an overseas applicant? If you are, please see the OCR webpage for further instructions.
  • What role you are undertaking at your venue? List of positions can be found here.

An LTA DBS Application Guide can be found here.


There are two ways your ID can be verified, at the Post Office or by an LTA ID Checker.  Ensure you select your preference as getting your documents verified will be delayed if the correct option is not selected.  You can select your option on the verification page (top). Please note this defaults to Post Office.

1) ID is Verified at the Post Office
You are responsible for selecting and entering the information required for each piece of ID to be used for verification.  After you have completed the application, you must print out the ID Verification Service form and take this to a Post Office along with the ID you selected.
Note – There is an additional charge to have documents verified at the Post Office.

2) ID is Verified by the Organisation
You are responsible for contacting one of the LTA’s ID checkers to arrange for your documents to be verified.